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Emergency Preparedness Requirements

The Home Health Model Plan developed by the Office of Emergency Preparedness in 2000 has been updated for home health and now includes hospice. The previous version is being replaced. All home health agencies and hospice agencies will now be required to comply with the new version. Regulations will be published as soon as possible. The most significant change in the requirements is that agencies are now required to enroll with the At Risk Registry and submit information to the At Risk Registry regarding patients that will require community assistance in the event of a disaster. There is no charge to agencies for the At Risk Registry but agencies will need to register and obtain a username and password for the Registry. To obtain us a username and password contact Liz Langley with HCLA. Email -, Phone - 337-231-0080.
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Louisiana Model Home Health/Hospice Emergency Plan

At Risk Registry Patient Evaluation Form (revised June 2021)
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