Home Care Industry's United Voice

With the joining of three associations representing different geographic and auspice segments of the home care industry, came a united voice for the home care industry and its clients in Louisiana.

In 1988, it was decided in the best interest of the home care providers in the state that the Louisiana Hospital Association for Home Care Programs, the Northwest Louisiana Association of Home Health Agencies, and Louisiana Association of Home Health Agencies form an umbrella association that would be unified in its efforts and goals. Thus, the HomeCare Association of Louisiana, “HCLA”, was formed. On November 15, 1988, HCLA held its first board meeting.

Today, HCLA remains the voice for home health providers and their clients as the association continues to strengthen.

Membership has risen from 70 members to the current 190 members, which include home health providers, hospice care, vendors and individuals. Along with this growth in membership has come the expansion of the HCLA staff. Over ten years ago, the HCLA staff numbered one. Today we have six full-time staff members. The added staff has enabled HCLA to further develop its member benefits, educational offerings, and advocacy campaigns.

As we push towards the end of the first decade in the 21st century, the bulk of the baby boomer generation will become Medicare eligible over the next few years. The demand for home care will increase ten-fold. These recent developments are prompting HCLA to shed the classic association model and adapt to this industry-wide change. It's an exciting time ripe with opportunity to improve our home health care system. Stay with HCLA to remain connected to the latest news and updates in the world of home care!